Super-Stage is a heavy duty Kwik-Stage system (80kN) and is commonly used in the construction of bridges and heavy civil works.

The system is based on the ever popular Kwik-Stage design, but uses a 60mm diameter Standard, a different type of Ledger and modular Braces specifically designed to enable the high 80kN leg loads.

“The system is based on the ever popular Kwik-Stage design.”

Fitting both the Diagonal and Plan Braces is very quick and easy due to click-in / snap-on features and ensures a 100% plumb and square shoring system. Super-Stage shares the uniquely designed Ledger and Diagonal Braces with Form-Scaff’s new Super-Scaff Scaffolding system.

System Features

  • Modular design ensures ease of erection.
  • Individual towers can be erected.
  • The clip-on bracing speeds up the erection and stripping time.
  • Versatile height and width configurations.
  • Innovative Ledger wedge assemblies reduces erection time.
  • Ledgers and Diagonal Braces are interchangeable with the Super-Scaff system.

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