Kwik-Deck is a fast erect and fast strike decking system that offers good quality concrete finishes due to the 12mm WISA-Form Birch Plywood facing.

The Kwik-Deck system can be supported on the Kwik-Stage, Super-Scaff, BS Prop and Alu-Up Propping systems making Kwik-Deck the most versatile and cost effective decking system available in South Africa.                                                                                                                                                                  

The unique multiple support points on the Cantilever Bracket provides the option of maintaining the Panel joints in the same aesthetically pleasing direction throughout the slab soffit.

The machined interlocking fit between the Panels, Beams and Drop-Head not only ensures a good off shutter concrete finish but also makes the system extremely safe to erect and dismantle and has proven its ability to endure local conditions.

System Features

  • Rigid interlocking between Panels, Beams and Drop-Heads.
  • Versatile height and width configurations.
  • East to erect, use and dismantle.
  • Compatible with four support systems.
  • Safety and stability of using Kwik-Stage around the perimeter of buildings.
  • Supports slabs up to 860mm thick.
  • One product to provide safe guardrails around the edges of the formwork and the concrete slabs below.
  • Complete and cost effective patching solution.
  • Components are easy to palletize and transport.

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