Super-Beams are available in 533 I-Beams and 812 Plate Girders up to 9m in length.  The Beams can be bolted together end on end to span up to 27m.

Super-Beams are ideal for spanning across openings, eliminating the need for erecting conventional falsework.

“Super-Beams are ideal for spanning across openings.”

Super-Beams are available in convenient lengths of 3m, 4.5m and 9m and each length is available in 533x2100 I-Beams and 812x200 plate girders.

Depending on the structure being supported, spans of up to 25.5m can be achieved.

System Features

  • Modular components for optimal use.
  • Versatile pre-assembled pairs of Beams available.
  • Easy to erect and dismantle with the aid of a crane.
  • Easy to stack and handle.
  • Symmetrical about the length thereby facilitating ease of assembly.
  • Components are easy to transport.

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