Celebrating Half a Century in Style

July 28, 2014

Anniversary celebrations were recently held in four major centres of South Africa to celebrate the historic occasion of Form-Scaff’s 50 years of service to the South African market.

Since then just about every major construction project that has shaped the country has used Form Scaff equipment at some point in the development. Having grown to become leaders in the supply of shoring, scaffolding and formwork systems in the country, Form-Scaff invited its prestigious clients to share the occasion and looked back at some of the highlights and projects accomplished over the years.

More than 1200 guests were present at the parties throughout the country with a guest list that represented the biggest gathering of construction firm executives in the country in recent history.

Glitz and glamour

High kicks and entertainment there was aplenty with good food along with the good company of colleagues, retired ex-staff, including one of the founder members Mike Sullivan, as well as peers and all who played a part in the ongoing success of the company. Guests were taken on an entertaining audio visual journey through the founding of the company from a humble garage in Johannesburg, to become a powerhouse in the local economy and one of the largest companies of its sort in the world.

“We will continue to play a leading role in support of the construction industry in South Africa and across the world”.

With never a dull moment, the company’s journey has been an exciting one that has taken its staff and equipment to the top of the country’s tallest buildings, to the crest of its massive dam walls, to the high-speed Gautrain and the pitches of its World Cup soccer stadiums. It has stood up to every challenge and provided truly South African solutions that have shown the world what this country is capable of.

Form-Scaff formed the basis on which the Waco International Group was built and successfully established wholly owned operations in countries as diverse as Chile, Australia, Mauritius, New Zealand and the United Kingdom.

Through this it has provided products and services for some of the most prestigious projects of their kind on the planet, including the serious business of renovating the Houses of Parliament in England, Congress Hill in the United States and some of the world’s most high-tech bridges in Hong Kong.

Future Unwritten

Looking towards the future, the company is stronger than ever before and will continue to play a leading role in support of the construction industry in South Africa and across the world. No matter where the company is operating globally, it will always maintain its South African attitude and will never walk away from a challenge, no matter how big or complex it may be. Form-Scaff will find a solution.

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