Sloping Slabs

Sloping Slabs can be formed with any of Form-Scaff's decking systems.  The Plywood faced Kwik-Deck system will provide a "smooth" concrete finish and can support a slab thickness of up to 0.86m. 

The Kwik-Deck system may be supported on the Kwik-Stage, Super-Scaff, BS-Props or Alu-Up Prop systems.  The Multi-Form system will provide the best "smooth" off-shutter finish.  The system is very versatile because it consists of loose fitting beams and loose sheets of 21mm thick Plywood. 

The system can support concrete slabs up to 1.4m in thickness and may be supported on any of Form-Scaff's support work systems.  The steel faced Kwik-Strip system provides a "smooth" off-shutter finish and is suitable for supporting concrete slabs up to 1m thick.  The Kwik-Strip system is supported on the Kwik-Stage and Super-Scaff systems.

This system allows the early release of the Deck Panels and Kwik-Strip Beams whilst only the supports remain in position until the concrete slab has gained sufficient strength.

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