River Crossings

River crossings can be created using the Girder system or Super-Beam system. Depending on the load, the Girder system can safely span up to 24.4 m. The main Girder Panels are 6.1 m long and the End Panels are available in 3.05 m and 2.13 m lengths.  The Girders can be pre-cambered to compensate for the applied loading. 

For bridge construction, the Girder system is also ideal for launching / placing pre-cast concrete beams in position.  Super-Beams are available in 533 I Beams and 812 Plate Girders up to 9 m in length.  Depending on the load, the Beams can be bolted together end on end to span up to 27.0 m.  Super-Beams are usually supplied in pairs of beams and have "built in" bracing to space each pair of beams either 600, 900, 1200 or 1500 mm apart.  Both the Girder system and Super-Beam system can be supported on any of Form-Scaff's support work systems.


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